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It was the morning of an exam. We were a little tense. Imagine our joy when we saw an enormous bird of prey in our back garden pecking the guts out of an unfortunate pigeon. Another diversion. Excellent.

Upon closer inspection the bigger bird was not only pulling out the pigeon's innards (it only left some bloodied peanuts) but also pulling off its feathers. This turned out to be a cunning tactic to facilitate the complete removal of the smaller bird. We were quite happy about this because it meant we didn't have to dispose of the pigeon ourselves. I did have to pick up the peanuts though.

  1. Here is the best photo we got of it. None of the K-Oners are really 'twitchers' but it was big. Could have been a sparrow-hawk. Could have been a Kestrel. Probably wasn't a bald eagle. You get the idea. Click on the image to see it at full size.
  2. Using our favourite paint package we managed to zoom into the birds (note the red box) to get a better look.
  3. Clearly the results are not as good as we anticipated. Using super-sexy image enhancement we were able to increase the quality of the image. Now a far clearer picture of the birds can be seen.

Last edited 29/3/99