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1. What is Quake?

Quake is a three dimensional first-person perspective shoot em up created by ID. When people talk about playing Quake these days they usually mean Quake2, and soon Quake3.

Screen shots

2. What is a Quake Fest then?

A Quake Fest is where a whole bunch of people get together and play Quake until either:
  1. they all fall asleep
  2. their eyes and hands ache too much from playing
  3. the Red Bull runs out (See above)
  4. the electricity is overloaded too often
Photos and story

3. Why do you bother?

It's good for hand-eye coordination

4. I want to play, what do I need

OK, this is easy. Assuming that you already have a bunch of people interested (if you don't know anyone else then find someone - how about us?) then you will need:
  1. PC:
  2. Copy of Quake 2
  3. Food and drink (pizza, coke and Red Bull)
  4. Some free time (how about 7pm - 3am one evening?)

5. Anything else?

Oh yes, some mods to make it more fun.

Quake mods (modifications) are just alterations to the original game. CTF (capture the flag) is a good idea for big groups as it introduces some good team play (as well as a fantastic grappling-hook.
Once you've got CTF, Laser Mine CTF goes one better. It gives you the chance to play it in the dark ...with laser mines ...and small nuclear bombs! Fantastic.

6. When are you having your next Quake Fest?

We don't know yet. Keep an eye on the news page for fixtures.

Last edited 18-10-98