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As an STF you already know all about the System Properties and Support Information window (just right-click on your My Computer icon). Try clicking the My Computer icon below to emulate right-clicking it... The new window it bring up acts pretty much like the System Properties window on Win95/98/NT. Now try clicking on the Support Information button.

My Computer

Bet you havn't seen that before! The official STF logo and support information is now available for every STF to own and view every day at home / work.


  1. Download oeminfo.ini
  2. Download oemlogo.bmp
  3. Put them both in your c:\windows\system directory (c:\winnt\system32 for NT)
  4. Right click on your My Computer icon
  5. Feel smug and techie.


Any damage you inflict on your computer is your own stupid fault and neither STF nor Sackheads are liable in any way for any damage caused...

...but for god's sake it's not going to hurt your computer. All it does is supply two new files to windows which it uses in the System Properties box to tell you who the support team are. It doesn't even overwrite anything. To remove it simply delete oeminfo.ini and oemlogo.bmp from your system directory.

Long live the techie.

Last edited 13-10-98 11:38