Sad Techie Freaks

  1. What are the STFs all about?
    The STFs are a group of particularly geeky types which emerged from K-One. Many live there and a couple just spend a some time soaking up the atmosphere. As individuals their interests cover such varied subjects as:

  2. Who invented the term?
    The term in its current form originated at some time in 1997. It was first uttered by Andrew Ace as an insult towards some of the later-to-be-known-as STFs. It stuck fairly quickly as a term of disparagement. Only today is the term being embraced as a compliment; it indicates membership of an elite group (cf. geek).

  3. Techie/Tecky/Teckie?

  4. I want in! What can I do?
    You too can be an STF. If you really want to join you must be able to answer yes to all of these questions:

  5. Make "My Computer -> System Information look a whole lot cooler"

  6. I want an STF T Shirt! What should I do?
    T shirts
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