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You too can be an STF. If you really want to join you must be able to answer yes to all of these questions:
  1. Have you ever used an operating system other than Windows?
  2. Do you know what a Hello World! program is and can you write one in at least 3 programming languages?
  3. Do you spend over 50 hours a week using a computer?
  4. Can you write decent HTML and code without using mangey GUI tools (Composer, Visual Age et al)?
  5. Can you name the seven layers of the ISO/OSI model?
  6. Have you ever been awake at 3 in the morning and still coding?
  7. Have you ever installed and configured a network (ethernet or otherwise) in your house?
  8. Do all the computers in your house have good and meaningful names?
  9. Can you find the clitoris?
    (Note that as an STF you won't necessarily be expected to put this into practice, but you should at least be able to point one out on a jpeg)
Congratulations! You now qualify as a Sad Techie Freak. Join here

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