The alcohol used here was in two forms

  1. Heineken - 500ml cans
  2. Smirnof Vodka - Red label, 750ml, 37.5%
The Heineken was cooled for two days in a refrigerator.

The Vodka was chilled for two days in a freezer. It was well below 0oC and was described by all as "nice and cold". The orange used to make the vodka slightly more palatable for the subjects was also chilled in the freezer for some time before (and during) the experiment. This was to allow cool, enjoyable and easy consumption of the alcohol. The vodka:orange ratio was 1:2. This ratio was used throughout they experiment. Whenever 'vodka' is referred to, what is meant is roughly a double vodka mixed with orange juice in a 1:2 ratio.

Recording instruments

Two instruments were used:

  1. Vivitar 3000 digital camera (800x1000 in hi-res mode)
  2. IBM 380 Thinkpad laptop computer
The camera took the images, the laptop stored the images and recorded the sounds.

Special care was taken not to spill any alcohol to avoid wastage. Extra special care was taken not to spill any alcohol in the laptop.

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