Test Subjects

To test the proposal we took a subset of the general population. This subset was three residents of K-One:

  1. Andrew Reynolds
  2. Mark Gould
  3. Stephen Hill

Each subject recorded themselves saying the words, "She sells sea shells on the sea shore". They were also given the oppurtunity to add "The shells she sells are sea shells I'm sure".
This tongue twister was used to assess the general drunkenness of the subject. In addition a photographic record of their physical appearence was taken at this point.

These two recordings were taken before any1 alcohol was consumed and would serve as a 'baseline' for comparison with all subsequent readings.

After some alchohol was consumed the readings were taken again for each subject.


Alcohol was distributed once all three subjects had finished their glass.
No attempt was made to rush the subjects to drink quickly, but they were often keen to proceed to the next drink.

1 : Well, hardly any. In fact the idea did not occur to anyone until the first beer was being consumed. The 'baseline' reading was taken after approx 250ml of beer.

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Last edited 16/11/98